Got a Rental Property? Get a Smart Thermostat

By: Marketing

As we head into summer, you may know some people who own seasonal rentals.  It’s always challenging as a landlord to manage things onsite, especially if the rental property isn’t right down the street. A smart thermostat, managed by a mobile app, is a great way to ensure renters are comfortable when they check in and through their stay.


As a property owner, using a mobile app for your indoor comfort allows you to still have control and visibility into how renters are managing their comfort.  With a smart thermostat, homeowners are able to make sure guests are comfortable without worrying about the heating or cooling bills skyrocketing.  For long-term rentals, the smart thermostat and adjust to the renters’ lifestyle. And, if needed, the mobile app can be used to even lock-out guests from adjusting the thermostat altogether.

8 May / 19 Odds & Ends
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