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System Specifications and Operational Features
7 Day Programming
5-1-1 Day Programming
5-2 Day Programming
1 Heat Only
1 Heat / 1 Cool
2 Heat / 1 Cool
2 Heat / 2 Cool
3 Heat / 2 Cool
Gas, Oil (Furnance or Boiler)
Electric Forced Air Furnace
Multi Stage Heat Pump
Single-Stage Heat Pump
Gas / Electric Fan Option
Millivolt Systems
Window A/C and Space Heater Control
1 Cool Only
System Or Battery Powered / Backup
Battery Powered Only
System Powered Only
Battery Backup
Orientation - Horizontal
Orientation - Vertical
Orientation - Square
Either Vertical or Horizontal Orientation
Line Voltage 240 VAC
Line Voltage 120 VAC
Switch Type (Mercury)
Switch Type (Snap Action)
Relay Outputs
Separate O & B Termimals
Selectable O / B Termimals
Auxilary Heat Indicator
Emergency Heat Indicator
Heat Pump Lockout
Special Program Feature
Title 24 (Residential)
Comfort and Convienance features
WiFi Connected / Remotely Accessible
Keypad Lock
Programmable Keypad Lock
Maximum Heat Temperature Setting
Minimum Cool Temperature Setting
Intermittent Fan Control
Filter Monitor and Indicator
Speed Dial® / Speed SlideTM Reprogramming
Touch Screen Proprogramming
Dedicated LCD Display
Large Full Dot Matrix Display
Large Hybrid Dot Matrix Display
Luxlight® EL (Electro Luminescent) Display
LED Lighted Display
°F / °C Selectable
12 / 24 Hour Clock
Adjustable Temperature Differential
Displays Relative Humidity
Smart Recovery Selectable
Programming Copy Feature
Low Battery Indicator
Battery Free Memory Storage
Energy Usage Monitor
Audible Keypad Entry Response
Manual Temperature Hold
Temporary Temperature Override
Adjustable Vacation Hold
Short Cycle Protection (Fixed Value)
Short Cycle Protection (2-5 min, Selectable)
User Temperature Calibration