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LUX CEO Rob Munin recently did an interview with The News about what manufacturers offer contractors to help them marketing themselves and their services.  In case you missed the story in the March 5 issue, here’s a recap and an extended &A from Rob.

  • What marketing tools does LUX provide contractors to help them market to the consumers?

We just launched the LUX Co-branding app program.  No other thermostat company shares its app with the contractors, Lux does!  The program is the only of its kind to offer contractors a “front and center” position with their brand in a homeowner’s mobile app.  And, it’s free of charge to contractors.


Contractors simply sign up for the program and are provided with simple instructions and a code that uploads their contact info and logo into the app with every install the contractor does with a LUX GEO®, GEOx or KONO® Smart Pro Edition thermostat. (iOS or android device friendly).


What’s unique to this program is that the contractor logo is visible from the main screens on the app -not just in “resource” page. This puts a contractor top of mind when a homeowner needs them.


Lastly, for contractors signing up to the LUX Co-branding program, LUX automatically extends the already generous five-year warranty to seven years!

  • What types of campaigns have worked best in the past for contractors as far as marketing?

Contractors are always challenged when it comes to marketing because homeowners often only think of them when there is a problem.  The general sticker on the product or on the wall next to the HVAC system isn’t enough.  With the co-branding on the app, the contractor is able to engage daily with homeowners and the brand is always present.

  • What percentage of contractors take you up on your marketing offers?

We just launched the LUX Co-Branding program but the response we have gotten is very positive.  We showcased the program at AHR Expo and contractors liked the idea of having a way to be more engaged with customers. We had tremendous response and engagement during and post launch at AHR Expo and follow up has been positive. Plus, the mobile app is used every day, often several times a day – they get more eyes on the app than on the traditional branded wall plate The program offers free advertising in a most prominent position -our customers are savvy to know the value of that.  Here’s where our efforts in the field continue to keep our unique offerings top of mind. And although there is a benefit to the contractor, we know our distributor partners also want to find products that contractors want – so it’s a win, win.

  • Do you consistently provide it to them or do they need to reach out to you?

Contractors do need to go to the LUX Pro website to sign up –

  • When working with contractors, what needs do you see from a contractor that this fills?

Contractors want to be remembered by a home homeowner when they are needed, but that could be a year or more after a call.  There are so many options in finding a contractor online today – our app is an easy discussion on how to keep your customer, yours.

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