Managing HVAC through a Recession

By: Marketing

We know this is a trying time for all businesses – HVAC included.  We did a little research and found this article in HR Executive that sheds some good news on the industry and highlights the thought that HVAC investments, even in a down economy, are necessary because they save money in the long run – for both commercial and residential projects.

The article also touts the longevity and security of an HVAC career.  There are always jobs available and it’s a trade that does not go away or get replaced with technology.  And, as mentioned before, energy efficiency saves money – which is always a hook in a recession.

In today’s climate where young professionals going into the trade business is scarce, pursuing and maintaining a job in the HVAC market during tight economic times is comforting.  It is a job that is necessary and in need.  When everything else seems to be turned upside down, HVAC can be your staple.

Below is the link to the article for more insight.  It’s a good read and one that might bring a sense of stability to your day.

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