Upgrades for Spring

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With energy prices decreasing this winter, homeowners have some spare money they can invest in new projects around the home. Upgrading their HVAC systems and associated devices are a great way to help a home run more efficiently- extending the savings process.

We took a look at some key HVAC areas where homeowners can see a quick return on their spend. These investments can help lower utility costs and enable homes to run more efficiently. It’s been about 15 years since the new construction boom at the beginning of the millennium – time to make some capital investments in heating and plumbing.

In addition to major upgrades or replacements to furnaces and air conditioning units, simple upgrades within the home can also contribute greatly to efficiency and comfort. As homeowners look to better manage their indoor comfort, they are looking at solutions that make it easier to control their indoor comfort when they are at and away from home. Devices that offer a mobile app are attractive to homeowners.

This leads up into the discussion of investing in smart solutions for the home. Homeowners want to monitor and control their indoor comfort – from heating and cooling to air quality – when at work, vacation, travel, anywhere. And for those caring for elderly family members, for landlords managing renters or for people with second homes, the ability to manage heating and cooling while displaced for the home is crucial.

The LUX KONO Smart thermostat is a nice entry for homeowners to dabble in the smart home. With a price point under $150, it is affordable for many buyers.

KONO Smart is an easy to use thermostat that is voice compatible with the Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. KONO Smart also brings a new level of ease and personalization to the thermostat with its patent-pending Décor-snap™ covers. The thermostat comes standard with an on-trend black stainless cover and can be enhanced with 10 available interchangeable decorative face plates to match any room.

The thermostat’s intuitive control is super easy to use with simple its knob or it can be managed with the LUX mobile app. Its LUX Home and Away Aware™ feature automatically adjusts the temperature to a personally selected preference when leaving or entering the home by simply setting a custom radius on the LUX mobile app – no more coming home to an uncomfortable house! With KONO Smart, homeowners can truly personalize their comfort, design and savings.

As spring begins to come our way, leverage those winter heating dollars saved for some new HVAC upgrades.

24 Mar / 20 Odds & Ends
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