Smart Home is Growing at TecHome Builders Summit

By: Marketing

We had the opportunity to attend the TecHome Builders Summit last month in Washington DC. This is a great conference targeted to the residential home builder industry. TecHome Builders Summit is a hosted-style event that drives extraordinary progress on technology for the nation’s biggest and most progressive high volume, multi-family and luxury home builders.

Johnson Controls had a booth at the show where we spotlighted our KONOzw smart thermostat as part of the Qolsys smart home panel. Qolsys offers a cutting-edge line of intelligent devices designed to elevate your smart lifestyle.


As we attended the event, one thing was made certain – smart thermostats is a big part of the smart home and how smart thermostats integrate into other smart devices is key. We were excited as our KONOzw is geared to integrating with multiple smart home solutions, including Qolsys. Internet technology platforms such as Zwave were also prevalent at the conference. Platforms like these help integrate different devices and functionality together so that they work as one – something desired by most homeowners. For instance, there was a lot of focus on indoor air quality and ventilation and how these functions are integrated with smart thermostats to create optimum indoor comfort.


Another focus at the conference was on mobile applications. There is definitely a movement for a one-stop-shop type mobile app. and Stratis are great examples of mobile apps that connect multiple devices and enable homeowners to manage their entire smart home experience in one place. As we continue to see consumer adoption rise, a single app that serves as the central hub to control all areas of the home will become more critical.


It’s always great to go to these industry events to see the breadth of products out there – and see how we fit into overall smart home experience.  There is a lot of excitement – and we are well poised for the ride.

24 Jan / 20 Odds & Ends
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