Dept of Energy Heating Cost Stats

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The Department of Energy recently released the average heating costs for households this upcoming winter. The good news is heating costs will be slightly lower due to an above average temperature winter.  It’s anticipated that natural gas and electricity bills will decline by 1%, home heating oil by 4%, and propane by 15%. With the fluctuation in the temperature, homeowners should keep a keener eye on the thermostat. Upgrading to an ENERGY Star certified smart thermostat cannot only help save additional dollars, but it also enables homeowners to quickly and easily manage their indoor home comfort even when they’re not home. So, if there is a spike in temperatures, users can bring the thermostat temperature down through the mobile app while they are away from the house. When looking to upgrade to a smart thermostat, many consumers first look to choose ENERGY Star certified products. In fact, ENERGY Star organization published this summer some stats on the influence ENERGY Star certification has on consumer purchasing.  We shared some of these with you back in March, but they are good stats to have on hand if you stock ENERGY Star products on your truck.  
  • 91 percent of US households report recognizing the ENERGY STAR label
  • In areas where local programs promoted ENERGY STAR, 55 percent of households somewhat or strongly agreed with the statement “All other things equal, I would buy a product because it is designated as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient,” versus 46 percent of households elsewhere.
  • 85 percent of households that recognized the label and purchased an ENERGY STAR product in the last 12 months were likely to recommend ENERGY STAR-labeled products to a friend
  • Households that had seen or heard of Most Efficient were aware that it is a subset of ENERGY STAR.
The KONO Smart and LUX GEO thermostats from Johnson Controls are ENERGY Star certified and meet a terrific price point for homeowners. As you work with homeowners to get them ready for winter, suggest an ENERGY Star smart thermostat. With the above average temps this winter, they could save big.
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