Using Summer Closeup Season for Upselling

By: Marketing

As we enjoy the last few weeks of summer, like most businesses you are likely looking ahead to the next season’s selling opportunities.  Many families will be packing up their cottages for the season. This “closeup season” opens the door for many HVAC businesses to upsell their services – ensuring each home is protected for the winter and ready for next summer.


In thinking about how we could help you market to your customers, we brainstormed some content ideas that you might be able to use in company mailers, as part of an email campaign or to post on your own blog or facebook page.


The idea of sending homeowners a check list for summer home closings is appropriate for this time of year – and may help win a small project or two for HVAC businesses right before the heavy fall and winter season.  We found this checklist on a blog from and thought we’d share it with you.  You can modify it to be more personalize to your customer base.  It’s not a direct upsell but a good way to keep your name and business top of mind.


We’ll share some content next week focused on getting your home ready for the fall.  We hope sharing some of these content ideas will enable you get more exposure to your customers and prospects by keeping things fresh and relevant.

15 Aug / 19 Odds & Ends
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