Top 3 Challenges of Smart for HVAC

By: Marketing

The evolution in adoption of smart home technology has dramatically influenced today’s HVAC industry. Systems and devices are smaller, smarter and more efficient than they’ve ever been.  Because of this, HVAC companies have to change the way they look at the products they stock and how they run their business.

In speaking with some of our partners, we’ve identified three challenges that many HVAC companies face as they navigate the world of smart home:  



Finding good staff is hard so when you have a Rockstar employee, but sure to mentor and educate them so that they can grow with the company and adapt easily to new products and services.  In addition to those out on the field, having a solid office manager who can distribute work assignments, check in with and manage staff issues and provide oversight to the overall business is essential.  When you have employees you trust and a consistent and reliable anchor in the office – things rum much more smoothly.




It’s important to ensure that your team is fully trained on not only the specific products you carry, but also the broader role that smart technologies play in the home.  Host regular training sessions to review new products, demo wifi installations and offer on-site assistance while staff is getting up to speed.  It is also good to partner with manufacturers who offer online tutorials ad videos to help guide your staff through new product upselling, wifi connections and general troubleshooting.


Investments and Costs


The above points in staff and training are a worthwhile investment – one that a successful HVAC company needs to make.  There is a need to invest in specialized equipment and new technologies to increase revenue opportunities. And with these investments, comes the balance of pricing your products and services competitively. How do you ensure you are investing in the business without losing all your margin?  It’s a fine line.  The trick is to look for ways to reduce costs in other areas of the business to offset the investment needed in another.  There is where a good office manager and having a strong sales team can help.


After all, time is money. Efficient management of staff and investment leads to less money waste and more time optimization.

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