Upselling Thermostat Sales for Summer Months

By: Marketing

After a crazy winter, we’re finally moving into cooling season – are you ready?  Are you taking advantage of the opportunity that lies within your service calls to make a little more money?


Most homeowners have had some exposure to smart home products, but most have not yet entered into the smart home realm. This initial awareness presents you with an opportunity to be the trusted gateway for the homeowner. Now is the time to arm your service team with knowledge – and yes, even a truck stock of smart thermostats for a quick install.


When most homeowners think of a thermostat, they think winter and heat. However, a thermostat can impact summer cooling bills as much, if not more, than winter heating expenses. This opens the door for HVAC professionals to upsell thermostat installs even in the warm months.


Smart thermostats have emerged as the best thermostat option for those looking to not only manage their cooling expenses, but for those who also want to better manage their household energy consumption. According to the US Department of Energy, homeowners can save 5%–15% on their cooling bills by raising the temperature setting on their thermostat when they are away from home and don’t need cooling. A smart thermostat can make it easy to adjust the temperature on a regular schedule and even help manage your cooling when you are unexpectedly away.


Converting a homeowner could be as easy as making the offer. The conversation could be a simple “while I’m here, have you considered upgrading your thermostat?”


With the LUX/GEO, the ease of installation makes this upsell opportunity a no-brainer.  Plus it’s an affordable option, especially for homeowners who are making their first smart home purchase. With no c-wire required, LUX/GEO can be installed as quickly as a standard thermostat and can also be set up quickly with or without WiFi.  Upsell and install in the same visit!


Asking the question opens the door for traditional thermostats too for homeowners who aren’t ready for the smart thermostat. LUX offers a broad range of product choices to fit every project and budget. The company’s P-Series and U-Series product lines offer the best value on the market. The P-Series is perfect for new construction and the U-Series is most versatile universal product. These thermostats provide 7-day, 5-2 day flexibility with program/non-programmable capability all in one thermostat. In addition to the unique program capability, these thermostats include quality features that include ease of installation, easy-to-read back-lit display, keypad lockout and the company’s new five-year warranty.


As the temps start to climb, a thermostat upgrade can reduce summer cooling bills and also help to better manage energy consumption and pull on local utility grids. So grab your prospect list and upsell those thermostats before the dog days of summer are upon us.

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