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We know that your time is valuable – a Pro is always on call and expected to deliver the best solution to every homeowner. You need a quick and easy resource to help you upsell and close deals – fast and quick.  The all-new LUX Pro Solutions blog is your go-to for information, how-tos and solutions to service your customers.


This blog is dedicated to you.  We’ll provide you with our industry-leading knowledge and expertise to help you be smarter, sell more and make more money.


We’ll cover topics that are innovative, informative, educational and training focused — from HVAC solutions, IoT (internet of things) selling smart, and marketing your HVAC company to everything in between.


Our team of thought leaders will share valuable information to make your life and selling as simple as our thermostats.


We have an HVAC solution for every project need. We offer more than 30 years’ experience in the HVAC and comfort controls and are supported by certified HVAC technicians based out of Philadelphia where our product, mobile app management and design are housed.


Our goal is to provide you with industry answers at no cost to you. We commit to support our contractors, wholesalers, builders and homeowners and provide you with superbly designed, feature appropriate, reliable products.


We invite you to follow along and experience the LUX Pro Solutions Blog. Stop by weekly or once a month to learn new tips and tricks for HVAC success. We’ve been a leader for decades; it’s no wonder we are the trusted brand for indoor home comfort.

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