Thermostat Guards

Locking Thermostat Guards Made From Strong, Durable Plastic


•BB3001-004 (Large): 91⁄2″ (240mm) wide x 53⁄4″ (146mm) tall x 4″ (100mm) deep

• BB2001-005 (SMALL) 63⁄4″ (172mm) wide x 57⁄8″ (149mm) tall x 31⁄4″ (83mm) deep

Whether your customer desires additional assurance or to deter tampering with settings, thermostat locking guards from LUX Products, provide the protection they’re looking for. Made of strong durable plastic, these guards come in two sizes to fit all thermostats. Perfect for the office or rental properties, LUX locking guards limit unwanted access and eliminate accidental fluctuations when someone bumps into the thermostat.


• Two Sizes

• Limits Unwanted Access

• One Key Included

• Tamper Resistant

• Strong Durable Plastic