• EL (Electro Luminescent) Backlight

• IAQ Independently Programmable Fan

• 7 Day Programming

• Default Temperature Program

• 4 Periods Per Day

• Temporary Temperature Override

• Manual Hold

• Adjustable Vacation Hold (1-30 Days)

• Optional Smart Recovery

• Programmable Air Filter Timer with with Filter Change Indicator

• Energy Usage Monitor

• Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature Display

• 12/24 Hour Clock

• Easy Programming with LUX Speed Dial®

• Advanced Copy Function for Fast Easy Programming

• Nonvolatile Memory for All Temperature Programs and Settings

• Daylight Savings Time (DST) Button

• Multimode Keyboard Lockout with

• User Programmable 3 Digit Lock Code

• Programmable Max. Heat Temperature Limit

• Programmable Min. Cool Temperature Limit

• Defeatable Audible Button Response

• Menu Driven Setup Done from the Front Panel

• User Temperature Calibration Adjustment

• Dual Power Capable (System and/or Battery)

• Multi-Stage Adjustable Temperature

• Differential/Cycle Rate

• Programmable Length Minimum Run/Off Time

• Programmable Auto-Changeover Dead-Band

• Programmable Fan-On Delay Setting

• Programmable Fan-Off (Overrun) Delay Setting

Universally compatible Everything ‘Stat offers programmable control of single or multistage heating and cooling systems. Temperature control adjustable.


• Universal compatibility Everything ‘Stat®

• Controls up to 2 stages of heat and 2 stages of cooling plus Auxiliary and Emergency Heat

• Auto-Changeover between Heat and Cool

• Auxiliary and Emergency Heat indicators

Compatible With:

• Most 24V gas, Oil, Electric Heating and Air Conditoning Systems

• Multi-stage Heat Pumps

• 2-wire Heat Pumps

• Hydronic Air Handlers

• Millivolt Systems


Not Compatible With: 

• 3 wire Hydronic Systems

• Line Voltage Systems (without transformer)

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