Increased Visibility


The KONOse features large primary and secondary digits than the standard KONOzw as well as enhanced backlight options for ideal viewing in all environments

Focused Ease Of Use

Users can rotate KONOse’s dial to adjust the set temperature or push the dial to change HVAC modes. The tactile feedback is designed specifically for users who have limited fine motor skills.

Adjustment Assurance


While adjusting the set temperature, KONOse displays the new temperature as well as the current HVAC mode to ensure that the user is setting the temperature in the correct direction.


• Color: True White Cover

• Trim plate included

• Height 4 1/2″

• Width 4 1/2″

• Depth 1″

• Décor Snap covers available separately

Smart Features

KONOse is the smart thermostat that was designed with ease of use top of mind. KONOse blends smart features from a simple to use device built specifcally for Senior Living Facilities.

Zwave Plus Profile

• Role Type: Listening Sleep Slave (LSS) , Always On Slave (AOS)

• Device Type: Thermostat – HVAC

• Security: S2

•  OTA Firmware Upgrade


• Radio: WiFi certified 802.11 b/g/n

• Frequency:2.4 GHz

• Encryption: SHA256RSA


• Modes: Heat, Cool, Heat & Cool

• Conventional: Forced air, gas, oil & electric furnaces

• Heat pumps: with or without AUX /Emergency heat

• Hydronic (hot water) zone valves (2 wire)

• Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries, c-wire (included & provides up to 2 year battery life) or LUX Power Bridge (sold separately)

Additional Information