Smart Tech for Summer

By: Marketing

We’re heading into the dog days of summer.  The heat and humidity are going strong ad it’s a perfect time to look at upgrading to smart technology to make life easier – inside and outside the home.


The HomeSelfe pulled together a piece that highlights the top smart technologies homeowners need to adopt to manage the heat of the summer and the rise in their utility bills.  Of course, we’re somewhat biased – smart thermostats are the first item mentioned.


The challenge is that when many homeowners think of a thermostat, they think winter and cold. However, a thermostat can impact summer cooling bills as much, if not more, than winter heating expenses.


According to the US Department of Energy, homeowners can save 5%–15% on their cooling bills by raising the temperature setting on their thermostat when they are away from home and don’t need cooling. A smart thermostat can make it easy to adjust the temperature on a regular schedule and even help manage your cooling when you are unexpectedly away.


Converting a homeowner could be as easy as making the offer. The conversation could be a simple “while I’m here, have you considered upgrading your thermostat? You could potentially save hundreds on your utility bill.”    The LUX KONO and GEO are great smart thermostat options for homeowners. Not only is the price point achievable, but they offer all the top features of more expensive thermostats.


As the temps start to climb, a thermostat upgrade can reduce summer cooling bills and also help to better manage energy consumption and pull on local utility grids. So grab your prospect list and upsell those thermostats before those hot summer days are upon us.

8 Aug / 19 Odds & Ends
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