KONO Smart Getting Some Attention

By: Marketing

We usually showcase our media coverage on our Facebook page which is mostly seen by homeowners, but we’ve had some great coverage lately that we wanted to share with you. We thought these might be something you could share with your customers or use as part of your own marketing as you look to upsell smart thermostats.


The most exciting piece of coverage is Rolling Stone magazine. Not only is it great to be included in a magazine of this caliber, but it also shows that LUX has broken into the shortlist of smart thermostats.  Pretty cool, huh?




The two additional pieces of KONO coverage below also support the fact that LUX is now seen as a top contender among competitors like Nest and Ecobee. Look out competition, we are innovating and making waves in the marketplace.





Of course, we can’t forget about the LUX GEO – check out its recent coverage in Inverse.  The GEO is still a great thermostat for homeowners – especially if you want battery operation.




We’ll continue to share media coverage with you – these are great pieces to use for marketing or to repost on your own social media, if you are into that!

16 May / 19 Odds & Ends
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