Energy-Star Rated Products Are Popular With Homeowners

By: Marketing

We’ve talked about ENERGY Star a few times on this blog and we are always impressed with the amount of marketing support and education that they offer its partners. Consumers know that ENERGY Star is a reliable rating and often look for products that are ENERGY Star certified. As we talked about in another post, ENERGY-STAR rated Products Are Popular with Homeowners (click here to read post), consumer purchases are in fact influenced by the ENERGY Star brand.


ENERGY Star recently published a cool infographic that outlines the features, certifications and savings of certified smart thermostats.  We thought it would be a good piece to share with you for background with your homeowner customers.  If you have a LUX KONO, GEO or GEOx on the truck, these are ENERGY Star certified and would make a great fit for any project.  You can find more info on these products under the solutions tab.

  The Smart Choice Made Simple: ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostats Infographic
3 May / 19 Odds & Ends
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