Shoulder Season Opens Up Opportunity for Selling

By: Marketing

It’s that time of year when winter just won’t go away, yet spring is knocking on the door. Homeowners want to turn the heat down to save on heating costs but it gets just too cold at night. Smart thermostats offer a great option for homeowners to manage their indoor comfort throughout the day and night, whether they are at home, work or away for the weekend.


This in-between season or shoulder weather is a great time to re-engage potential customers who were on the fence about upgrading their thermostat in the fall. The warm days and cool nights create an opportunity to showcase the benefits of a smart thermostat and how it can be managed from a mobile device.


The annual spring maintenance and tune-up jobs are also a great time to approach homeowners.  While doing the health check on the HVAC system, look at the thermostat and suggest an upgrade.  This will increase your value to the homeowner and possibly add more to your wallet.


Programable or smart thermostats are most useful during the in-between season when there is a large fluctuation in the temperature.  The LUX KONO Smart and LUX GEO thermostats are perfect suggestions to the thermostat upgrade. Both can be managed from a phone, tablet or computer and connect to voice assistants in the home. This gives homeowners flexibility in personalizing their home comfort regardless of the swings in temperature.


Spring is the perfect time to pick up the phone or go on the road and upsell a thermostat upgrade. Use your routine maintenance calls as an opportunity to start the conversation.


For more information or questions, the LUX team is here to help you. Simply reach out via phone, email or check out our PRO website for helpful selling tips and tutorials.  Check out some of the links below for quick access to service and support.

24 Apr / 19 Odds & Ends
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