Impact of Energy-Star Certification on Consumer Purchases

By: Marketing

ENERGY-STAR rated Products Are Popular with Homeowners


According to a survey by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), more than 45 percent of U.S. households report purchasing an ENERGY STAR® certified product. Homeowners agreed that products that had the ENERGY-STAR label influenced their buying decision.  This is good news for HVAC professionals that carry ENERGY STAR rated products in their portfolio.  The awareness and reliable reputation of ENERGY STAR makes it easier for homeowners to upgrade many of their home devices, including an upgrade to a smart thermostat.


In fact, did you know that:

  • 91 percent of US households report recognizing the ENERGY STAR label
  • In areas where local programs promoted ENERGY STAR, 55 percent of households somewhat or strongly agreed with the statement “All other things equal, I would buy a product because it is designated as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient,” versus 46 percent of households elsewhere.
  • 85 percent of households that recognized the label and purchased an ENERGY STAR product in the last 12 months were likely to recommend ENERGY STAR-labeled products to a friend
  • Households that had seen or heard of Most Efficient were aware that it is a subset of ENERGY STAR.



In addition to homeowner confidence, there are also a lot of incentives sponsored by the federal and state government, as well as utilities, when it comes to ENERGY STAR compliance. The ENERGY STAR rating ensures that products are truly doing what they should be doing in an efficient and energy-saving way.


Smart thermostat is a category that ENERY STAR sees tremendous value when it comes to helping homeowners save energy.


We are proud that the LUX KONO Pro Edition, LUX GEO and LUX GEOx have all earned their ENERGY STAR certification.  Having this certification is just another reason to offer LUX smart thermostats as part of the HVAC product portfolio – in store, on the truck or through the sales team.


Let us know if your customers seek out ENERGY STAR certified products.

12 Apr / 19 Odds & Ends
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