How to Sell Smart

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When smart homes were first introduced they were reserved for the custom, exclusive residential community. Today, home automation and smart products have become much more mainstream. As an HVAC contractor, how do you sell smart into the home?


The biggest point to consider is your customer.

There are various stages in smart home adoption. Most homeowners look at home automation differently. 75% of home automation and smart sales relate to the ingress and egress of the home. What does a product do when I enter the home and what does it do when I exit? This is good news for HVAC contractors because many of its core products evolve around this issue, making it easier to sell “smart” from the start.

How do you know if your customer is ready to “get smart”?  We need to look at the customer profile.


For example, a 50 to 60 year-old homeowner might be a little nervous about technology. They may not be well-versed in mobile devices and therefore aren’t used to navigating a mobile application from their phone or smart device. They are also likely to be in an older home which may not be conducive immediately for smart products. However, they do want peace of mind for emergencies and they want to make sure that they are connected in case something goes wrong. The connectedness of smart products to fire and police and also the access of extended family members being able to monitor their home may be a bonus for them and a reason to convert to smart.


If your homeowner is an early adopter, them her/she may consider themselves a Steve Jobs protégé. This is generally someone who can’t live without technology for more than five minutes and his/her mobile device is always on hand, whether it be a phone or a tablet. This type of homeowner is always looking for ways to bring technology into their life. With the quick adoption of home automation platforms like Amazon Alexa, this homeowner is right for a smart home environment.


Finally, if your customer is someone who is just starting a family then they be may be a little nervous about technology but they’re also very used to using it in there every day lifestyle. Their smart phone or device is generally close by and they use it for multiple purposes. This type of homeowner is also generally in a newer home or has purchased their parents’ home which has been renovated. They have a strong desire to keep the family safe. This type of homeowner hits the sweet spot for home automation and a smart thermostat is a first great entry point for them.


Now that you’ve established good, solid reasons for your homeowner to engage in the smart home, you are ready to upsell smart products within your portfolio. A smart thermostat is a great first smart product for any homeowner.

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