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The more a product makes life easier for the homeowner, the more apt they are to purchasing. For HVAC professionals, products that span multiple duties are a win.  That’s why we introduced the GEOx.  The GEOx is perfect for those customers with the need for high-end, multi-stage system control and humidity control, without needing to mount two interfaces on the wall. Or for existing projects, it enables the ability to remove a separate humidistat.


The GEOx goes beyond the thermostat basics of heating and cooling.  Homeowners can now control humidification and dehumidification systems and HVAC comfort from one smart device.  A “pro” featured thermostat, GEOx is easy to install with or without a WiFi connection and is compatible with almost any residential system, including Dual-Fuel (heat pump with fossil-fuel furnace) applications.


Designed to be an easy upsell and install for HVAC contractors, no other thermostat controls humidity and works with third-party equipment better.  The GEOx thermostat enables homeowners to quickly and easily manage their home comfort while at home or away via a free App for smartphone, tablet, desktop or via the product’s intuitive control display, and it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo, enabling customers to interact with in-home devices in a more intuitive way using voice


HVAC wholesalers and contractors want to work with products that aren’t just easy to install, but also easy for the homeowner to use and that are aesthetically pleasing.  The GEOx works with almost any system in any home and the humidification/de-humidification control highlights the innovative technology of the thermostat, making it an easy upsell to homeowners.


For homeowners and property managers that have properties in high humidity regions, the GEOX can help prevent environmental damage if intermittently or temporarily vacant.  The GEOx controls third-party de-humidifiers using separate terminal “dry contacts” and also offers the ability to use the existing air conditioning system for dehumidification purposes in a flexible manner.  For cases where de-humidification is of greater importance than cooling set point temperature (to avoid mold/mildew conditions), the GEOx enables the user to set an amount of over-cooling that is allowed by the thermostat to reach the target Relative Humidity setting.


In addition to the large compatibility envelope with multiple available stages, the GEOx shows the user a very detailed equipment runtime summary for how many hours/minutes each of the following has individually run: Heat Stage-1, Heat Stage-2, Cool Stage-1, Cool Stage-2, Fan, Auxiliary Heat, Humidification, and De-Humidification.  This information, along with a basic understanding of how their system operates, can help homeowners get a better sense on energy savings and efficiency.


With its sleek design, GEOx is the only WiFi thermostat that can be installed with true-battery power and dual mounting positions – horizontal or vertical.  It boasts the largest temperature digits in the industry, and the control wheel interface and free Android/ iOS App offer intuitive functionality both online and locally at the device.  The GEOx can be powered by system power C-wire, micro USB plug or AA lithium batteries.


With up to 3-Heat / 2-Cool compatibility for heat pumps, and up to 2-Heat / 2-Cool for conventional furnace, air conditioning and hot water applications, the GEOx will work on virtually all systems.  The GEOx sets up quickly on any home WiFi system but it can easily be used without a WiFi connection.  And as part of the LUX Home Comfort program, the LUX App can be customized with specific HVAC professional information, putting your contact information in the hands of your customers.


No longer do you have to convince a homeowner that a second control box on their wall is the only solution for controlling humidity – hooray! GEOx replaces existing thermostats and separate humidistats, and simply does it all!

29 Nov / 18 Odds & Ends
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