LUX Gets Acquired by Johnson Controls

By: Marketing

As some of you may have seen, LUX Products was acquired by industry leader, Johnson Controls, earlier this month. We are very excited about the new adventure that we are about to embark.


At LUX, we have worked hard to bring new and smart indoor comfort solutions to the residential community. Our strong partner and distributor channel, coupled with our talented product development team, have enabled us to offer some of the top-ranked thermostats on the market from programmable to smart.


With the backing and the resources available through a large organization like Johnson Controls, we can set the bar even higher as we continue to innovate indoor home comfort for the residential market.


For our customers and partners, not much will change in the short term. You will still be able to reach out to your reliable LUX contact. Over the next few months, we will start to transition under the Johnson Controls brand. This should be a fairly seamless process, but please reach out to me personally if you have any questions or concerns.


I truly believe having the backing, expertise and reach that Johnson Controls offers will only strengthen the LUX brand and push us to be even better. Together, we can develop and offer the best thermostat solutions to the residential and commercial markets.


I personally am looking forward to seeing what the future holds and we look forward to continuing to work with you offer innovative indoor comfort solutions to your customers.


Rob Munin

CEO, LUX Products

General Manager, Thermostats, Johnson Controls

25 Oct / 18 Odds & Ends
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