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By: Marketing
HVAC professionals no longer spend time in day-long training sessions to detail each and every vendor product.  A quick meet & greet and product demo is all time affords.  After all, time is money and contractors need to deliver on their project deadlines and appointments.   This is why it’s so important for contractors to have support from vendors – around the clock.  In addition to personal customer service hours, vendors need to offer tools and support that can be accessed easily via the web, on a mobile or by phone by HVAC professionals whether they are on the road, in the office or catching up after hours.   At LUX, we pride ourselves on providing contractors the tools and support needed to be successful while on the job.  From our live US-based technical support team to our online web chats and videos, contractors have the opportunity to educate themselves and homeowners every place along the way. And, our downloadable product manuals make it easy to offer leave-behinds when the project is over.   In addition to the online tools and support, LUX has a highly-skilled team of technicians available to answer contractor questions. Technicians working out of our Philadelphia, PA headquarters are level 1 & 2 certified and the on-staff technical supervisors are available to troubleshoot the exceptions. Our team of developers is supported by future-thinking product engineers whose task is to watch current trends in HVAC as well as smart products and home automation to ensure the latest customer demands and emerging technologies are captured and delivered in our current and future products. Our investment in product development stems from our understanding and insight into the HVAC market.   We are always working towards new products and product enhancements that make the HVAC professional job and end-user comfort uncomplicated. We strive to have products that make sense today and for tomorrow by providing a complete line of thermostat products to fit any project or budget.   From the smart LUX/GEO thermostat to our popular U and P-series universal programmable and non-programmable thermostats, LUX continues to offer a breadth of products and customer support services that solve 98 percent of all installation concerns. That’s great news for the HVAC professional.
4 Sep / 18 Odds & Ends
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