Drawing a Line in the Sand

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Of all the energy that a home consumes, HVAC equipment energy costs are almost 50% of it. This opens the door and creates a great opportunity for the HVAC professional especially when it comes to smart products.       But with all their smartness, these devices still need a human to install them and to keep them maintained. When it comes to the world of smart, it’s often critical for HVAC contractors to draw a line in the sand as to where the HVAC service begins and ends and where another professional needs to pick up.       The key to understanding the HVAC role in home automation and smart products is to understand that you don’t need to be everything to everyone. There will be times when the thermostat won’t work, but it won’t because there’s an issue in the HVAC system, it will be because an Internet connection is broken. At times like this, it is the responsibility of the HVAC contractor to alert the homeowner that they need to contact their Internet service provider for help.       One area where the HVAC professional can help, is to understand how the smart device, like a thermostat, works and to educate the home owner on how to use it or the app that supports it. This starts with the HVAC professional being educated on the products in their portfolio.       LUX has a highly-skilled team of technicians available to answer contractor questions. Technicians working out of our Philadelphia, PA headquarters are level 1 & 2 certified and the on-staff technical supervisors are available to troubleshoot the exceptions. Our team of developers is supported by future-thinking product engineers whose task is to watch current trends in HVAC as well as smart products and home automation to ensure the latest customer demands and emerging technologies are captured and delivered in our current and future products. Our investment in product development stems from our understanding and insight into the HVAC market.     As you go out into the field, know that it’s OK to set bounds as to what you can and can’t do.  This is not a one size fits all job – and HVAC contractors need to feel supported in their field.
31 Jul / 18 Odds & Ends
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